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Les élèves de 3èmes honorent la mémoire de deux soldats Américains


De retour de ce moment intense, voici des mails de la famille : 

Dear Brigitte....thank you very much for the wonderful day in Verdun and the American Cemetery.  Yes the weather was bad.  The big military ceremony did not go well but our small one at the graves of Salter and Coleman was very moving.  Your fellow teachers are so nice and of course the children.  What a wonderful experience you gave us.

My wife Nancy said she now understood why Coleman was so in love with France and the French people.  Our day with you and the children was one of the greatest days of our lives.  If we ever come to France again, we will visit you in your beautiful town.

Bisons, Doug



Hello Brigitte –

 I am still processing all that we experienced in France.  The time we spent with the students and faculty from LaSalle was so very precious.  It was so meaningful to all our family.

 When I first learned that you and your students have been studying about and caring for the graves of our two great uncles, I was amazed.  After meeting you all, and being offered such gracious hospitality, I am speechless.  Inviting us to ride the bus with you to the cemetery, the kind words, the delicious meal ( and especially the cheeses from your town), the beautiful gifts, the American flag decorations – it was all so lovely.   Walking through the students arched hands as we left is a memory I will always keep close.  We all thank you so much for your kindness and love.

 And if you are ever travelling in North Carolina, please allow us to host you.  It would be our honor.

Thank you for your friendship.

 Pat Clark and Art Lieberman